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End of year closure 2019-2020 We will be closed from Monday 23 December 2019 until Friday 3 January 2020 around the holidays Due to inventory of our warehouse, Christmas days and the turn of the year, we will be closed from Monday 23 December 2019 until Friday 3 January 2020. If you still need any materials this year, please send your order as soon as possible to or contact our sales staff by telephone so that...
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Forty percent of all entrepreneurs will ever have to deal with burglaries. Burglars don't look at who they break into, but at how easily they can get in. Security measures therefore don't start at the front door, but already at the fence or the entrance gate. Good access control is essential, and a piece of history Access control actually goes back to the Middle Ages....
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As a hospitable entrepreneur, you reserve parking spaces for visitors, suppliers and employees so that they can park within walking distance of your premises. To ensure that they are the only ones who make use of your offer and that your car park does not become a public car park, you can have a barrier installed. This allows you to dose and control ...
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Manual barriers vs. automatic barriers A way to keep unauthorised persons out of the door is to install a barrier. Very suitable for closing locations for traffic temporarily or for a longer period of time. This can be controlled manually, but also automated. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? Manual barriers vs. automatic barriers .....
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Mobile gates
The advantages of mobile gateways Provide access to visitors to your company, event or other location via a single central system using mobile gateways. Easy to install and with a direct link to time and attendance registration, this is the perfect solution for those who want a temporary check at the door. Access gateways Access gateways are available in many types...
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Are you looking for a suitable access control solution for a building or terrain? The installation of turnstiles is certainly worth considering. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about turnstiles, what are turnstiles? Turnstiles are one-person gates, they are equipped with rotating elements that ensure that there are (after...
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Within the rental market there is an increasing need for access control systems. There are many different moments, situations and places where it is logical that access to the site or building is controlled automatically. This is not only necessary to keep unauthorized persons out, but also to guarantee the safety of the...
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