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Biometric security for your company. Sci-fi or the future?

There are many forms of access control available today. One of them is biometric security. But what exactly is that? How are people identified? And how secure is it?

What is biometric security?

Biometric security systems measure certain unique characteristics of a person in order to identify them and whether or not to grant them access. Many of us already use some form of biometric security, such as the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on your iPhone, smart speakers such as Alexa, or your camera's facial recognition function.

How are people identified?

Biometric security can make use of different types of biometric data. Some examples:

  • Face recognition
  • Iris scanners
  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Voice recognition
  • Hand geometry
  • Behavioral characteristics

Is biometric security secure?

A major advantage of biometric access control is that you cannot lose your physical characteristics, such as an RFID tag, card or physical key. You can forget access codes and passwords, something that doesn't bother you with biometric security. Some elements of your physical identity could theoretically be duplicated. For example, a determined criminal could get your fingerprints from a glass you leave in a bar, or make a sound recording of your voice. That data could be used not only to gain access to the company premises, but also to your devices or accounts. That said, biometric security is one of the most secure forms of access control. As long as the biometric database (with which biometric data is compared) is properly secured, the risks are minimal. Biometric security is no longer sci-fi - it is definitely the future!

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