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People counting system

Are you looking for opportunities to see in real time how many people are present in your building? Do you want to be able to set a maximum number of visitors? Do you want to be able to regulate visitor flows?
Geran Access Products B.V. has developed a counting system for this that is easy to link to your access control system.

How it works
The system works in two ways: when the visitors come in, the system counts up and as soon as the visitors go out again, this number is deducted. Once the maximum number of set visitors has been reached, access will be closed until a visitor leaves again.

How does it look?
You can opt for a screen, which is then built up on the visitor side, with a clear counter on it. This screen would also offer the option to display your logo or other information (using i-frame). If you prefer not to use a screen as a visualization, the system can also easily be equipped with other options, such as a traffic light system or LED lamp.

The backend of the software ( see image below ) allows you to see how many visitors are currently present. You can also reset the counter, manually block the entrance and, if necessary, count manually. All this with one click of your mouse or with your mobile device *!

What else is important to know?
The system is optimized for use with the hardware of Geran Access Products BV, but also offers options for universal use.

The system can also be offered in a modular way, so that you can put together a configuration that suits your company and environment. As a result, this system not only is really easy to use, but it is also very interesting in terms of price.

Are you interested in a counting system for your company or building or do you have specific questions or wishes? Then please contact us !











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