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Prevent intruders: important safety measures

Forty percent of all entrepreneurs will ever have to deal with burglary. Burglars don't look at who they break into, but at how easily they can get in. Security measures therefore do not start at the front door, but already at the fence or the entrance gate. Good access control is essential.

A piece of history

Access control actually goes back to the Middle Ages. Landlords had a wall built around their castles and often a moat was dug around it. The aim: to identify and stop unwanted visitors. The forerunner of contemporary access control.

What security measures are in place?

There are various forms of access control, which detect intruders and form an additional blockade, so that uninvited guests need more time to enter. For example, a card, fingerprint or code must be scanned first. This significantly reduces the risk of a burglary. But what gates, barriers and fences are there? And which one suits your property best?

A barrier as the first point of contact

For organisations that have security high on their priority list, security starts when they enter the site. Barriers can act as a first point of contact for visitors. This can be controlled manually, for example by direct contact with the receptionist, but also automatically. A major advantage of automated barriers is that they are equipped with detection sensors and are therefore an independently operating access control system. access control system is.

Full height turnstiles

Turnstiles are a must for anyone entering your premises. They are two-, three- or four-armed turnstiles that must be passed on foot on entering and leaving your premises. There are also special models for cyclists.

Mobile solutions

Wilt u uw pand of terrein tijdelijk beveiligen met toegangscontrole? Omdat u een evenement organiseert of omdat u tijdelijk zonder receptioniste zit bijvoorbeeld. Mobile access control biedt mogelijkheden. Van verschillende modellen is ook een mobiele variant. Zo zijn er bijvoorbeeld mobile barriers, half height turnstiles, and mobile turnstiles. All are easy to transport, install and remove.

Access control at the door

There is also access control that is not placed outside, but inside your building. An extra passage to enter the rest of the building. Banks and media companies, for example, use this as extra security. With access control at the door you can think of security portals, half height turnstiles and access lanes.

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