dFlow – doorgang 900 mm

The dFlow is an advanced access lane, packed with new technologies. The doors are fast moving revolving doors. Advanced algorithms allow them to close at a rate proportional to the speed, position and direction of one or more unauthorized users in the transit area.

The doors close when an unauthorized user is in the gate and open again when this user moves away from the swing gates.

Indicative LED “windows” follow the user through the gate, with different colors for different user groups. For example, students in a school application can be followed by a green window, teachers by a yellow window, and authorized family members by a blue window. A red window can track unauthorized users. The flexibility of dFlow allows other user groups to be identified by a wide variety of colors. The result is more comfort for the user and more security and information for the access control system.

Together with our partners who supply the software, we provide the complete end product. There’s just one contactperson. We are happy to provide you an offer that suits your situation completely.

This product is also available with a 1200 mm passage.

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Dimensions 160 × 1600 × 990 mm
Afmeting (mm)

160 x 1600 x 990

Type of material

Flowrate paslezer p/m

Flowrate biometrie p/m

Weather resistance

Only inside use

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