Hybrid transparent turnstile door – full height – 3 arm – UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Currently in full development is the Hybrid turnstile door. A new way of access control designed by Turnstar at Geran’s special request.

This transparent turnstile door combines the robust features and security level of a standard full hieght turnstile with a sophisticated and friendly appearance.

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The transparent Hybrid turnstile door is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. The construction, inspired by the classic full height steel turnstile door, is given a modern a friendly twist thanks to its transparent swivel arms. Whether in a chic office or modern business premises, this transparent turnstile will seamlessly integrate into various interior spaces.

What sets the Hybrid turnstile door apart from its counterpart, the Triton glass turnstile, is its more open construction. Whereas the Triton turnstile has an octagonal or curved enclosure around the turnstile, the Hybrid turnstile has only a screen next to the turning gate. This openness adds to the sense of space and adds a contemporary design dimension to access control.

Combining functionality and design, this Hybrid turnstile door is highly suitable for companies striving for a welcoming entrance without compromising on security.
Currently, this product is still under development. We hope to actually offer these as soon as possible.
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