Mobile half height turnstile

Mobile half height turnstiles can be the ideal solution for temporary pedestrian access control at any desired location At locations such as a parking lot, construction site or shipyard, it can be very desirable to maintain control over the access of personnel or visitors to the site. It is also often important to regulate the flow of visitors at large events, such as festivals. Our mobile half height turnstiles from Turnstar are equipped with turnstiles and a self-centering rotation system, which ensures that the rotor returns to the starting position after each rotation. Ideal for regulating the flow of large numbers of people.

We offer two types of mobile half height turnstiles. The Streamline is a long and narrow model, which gives the idea of a ‘walkway’. Because this U-shaped model is secured in two places, it is more vandal-proof than the Trident.
The Trident is a square model, which is much more compact than the Streamline. Both systems are weather-resistant and can be placed outside. This makes these access gates perfect for efficiently regulating visitor flows at any desired location.

We not only offer the mobile buttock tickers themselves, but we can also deliver them mounted. Together with our partners, we can provide you with a complete rental product. Even a complete temporary entrance unit can be realized using a buttock ticker in a container. We are the link between rental and technology and ensure that you do not have to worry about this.

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