Bottom skirt for barrier Velocity – 3 meters

As an extension for the Velocity barrier, this top and bottom skirt can be mounted to the barrier to prevent unwanted climbing under or over the barrier. The top and bottom skirts are available in different lengths.

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To extend the Velocity barrier, from the renowned Turnstar brand, an under-climb safety device can be chosen. This protection, against unwanted crawling under, consists of a rack mounted on the underside of the barrier. When the barrier moves up, the frame will “collapse” and move against the tree, making the entire barrier narrow when upright. This is reflected in the product video. Note that the video shows a Velocity barrier with both under-climb and over-climb protection.

The underskirt can be placed on either the white aluminum version or the stainless steel version of the barrier and is available in lengths of 3 – 3.5 – 4 or 4.5 meters. In addition, it is also possible to choose both an top + bottom skirt.

The Velocity barrier including top and bottom skirts serves as effective access control for equipment services, construction site fitters or other companies providing temporary access control. For construction sites, shipyards, events, recreational areas or festivals, this barrier offers a reliable solution to manage and control site access.



Length (mm)


Type of material

Weather resistance


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