Turnstile – 3/4 high – 4 arm – coated

The 3/4 high turnstile rotating door is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Ideal for access control at swimming pools, sports complexes and fitness centers. This model turnstile is user-friendly and is provides security without additional supervision. The height of the turnstile prevents entry to the premises without a ticket.

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This 3/4 high turnstile is a rotating door which is suitable for, among other things, outdoor security or the shielding of certain business areas. Examples include the protection of a hygiene zone in the food industry, but also the controlled closure of a sports field or swimming pool.

Because only one person can pass per rotation, this turnstile gate offers a high level of security and prevents tailgating and piggybacking. With these turnstile doors, a suitable access control solution can be realized for every situation.

This turnstile is not only available in stainless steel or galvanized, but can also be coated in any RAL color.

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card reader support, Stainless steel

Weather resistance

Inside and outside use

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