Turnstile door with extended arms – full height – 4 arm – stainless steel

The turnstile revolving door with extended arms is a standard turnstile with the arms extended. This makes the turnstile suitable as a passage for wheelchairs or baby carriages.

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The full height turnstile with extended arms is a high turnstile. Suitable as outdoor security or shielding certain business areas. Compared to the standard full height turnstile, this version has four extended arms, making the total width of the turnstile is 2300mm.
Due to the extended arms, the turnstile is suitable as a passage for people in a wheelchair or visitors with a pram.

This turnstile is galvanized.

Dimensions 2300 × 1930 mm


Depth (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Type of material

Weather resistance

Inside and outside use

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