Project: Turnstile streamline in container

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Streamline turnstile
Access control in container
Access control
German access technology rental company

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Project description

Various products can be used as access control. All these products can also be built into containers. So did this German access control system rental company. Customised to this customer’s requirements, they built our product, the Streamline from Turnstar, into a container. This Streamline turnstile, or hip-high turnstile is very suitable for counting visitors, for example. To create a higher security situation, a full-height, or man-high turnstile can also be built into a container. We offer these mobile solutions on our website.

“For certain situations, such as construction sites, it is desirable to build an access control system into a container. The advantage of such a container is that it not only creates a clear access situation, but also provides space for an office for the doorman. Here, visitors can sign in to gain access to the premises. Our hardware can be combined with any access control software, including yours.” Translated with (free version)

Cynthia Vossebelt | Commercial employee @ Geran Access Products B.V.