Project: Full height turnstile for observation tower

Project Details

Delivery date:
Full height turnstile with coin insertion system
Access for watchtower
Allow access to the watchtower for only paying guests
Commune in the south of the Netherlands

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Project description

A town in Limburg commissioned the construction of a watchtower. The company that built this tower commissioned us to supply and install a full height turnstile. A coin insertion system is mounted on this turnstile. After a correct coin insertion, access is given to visitors of the tower

This galvanised full height turnstile will make sure the investment for this beautiful tower will be recouped. In combination with a coin insertion system, the visitor gains access to the tower, which offers a spectacular view of the Limburger country. Very useful for unattended public places.

Ruben Groothaar | Inside sales @ Geran Access Products BV |