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Collaboration Videoguard and Geran Access Products BV

Geran Access Products BV provides VideoGuard with hardware for access control.

VideoGuard and Geran Access Products have realized a complete access solution in the Videoguard showroom in Waalwijk. This concerns the Trident from manufacturer Turnstar that is linked to the access module of the security management platform Security Center from Genetec.

“Without software the hardware does not work and without hardware the software does not work,” says Mark Dannenberg of Geran Access Products. "And because, like VideoGuard, we focus on system integrators, we thought it would be a good idea to realize a complete access solution in the showroom in Waalwijk." The Trident was not consciously chosen. Any access product will suffice, but the Trident is widely used for its simplicity and ease of use and is therefore representative of demonstrations.

Many possibilities
A turnstile can of course easily be controlled via an access pass, but in combination with Genetec a world of possibilities opens up. Thanks to the Trident, these can now also be demonstrated physically. This prevents two people from passing on one access pass by going through the turnstile together or passing the pass on to each other. Face recognition, biometric identification or, for example, two passes can be used, if someone is only allowed to continue after a manager has presented his pass.

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