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Increased demand for access control

Binnen de verhuurmarkt is er steeds meer behoefte aan toegangscontrole systemen. Er zijn veel verschillende momenten, situaties en plekken te bedenken waarbij het logisch is dat de toegang tot het terrein of gebouw automatisch wordt gecontroleerd. Dit is niet alleen noodzakelijk voor het weren van onbevoegden, maar ook voor het waarborgen van de veiligheid van medewerkers en bezoekers. In dit artikel bespreken we vijf belangrijke voordelen van toegangscontrole.

5 benefits of access control

#1. Insight

Automated access control systems offer a lot of insight. For example:

  • Insight in access requests: In cases where access is granted manually (remotely), it is important that the respective employee is able to see or hear who is requesting access. This requires integrations with e.g. intercoms or camera systems, and there are many possibilities in that area.
  • Insight in presence: Automated access control makes it possible to always have an overview of who is present. There are also various options in the area of presence detection.
  • Insight in working hours: Insight in presence can also create insight in working hours. Time registration can be realised on an individual level. Therefore, it can even be combined with payroll administration.


#2. Safety

The more insight you have in visitor flows and presence, the greater the safety. Because if you have insight in presence, access requests and working hours, you are also better capable to respond quickly and adequately with changes, threats and calamities.

When a building or area is freely accessible, this comes with huge risks. At the same time, a fully enclosed point of entry can be very inefficient and create an unwelcome feeling for visitors. The ideal solution is somewhere between these two extremes. Safety is achieved by an optimal insight, so risks can be comprehended and minimized.

#3. Ease of use

Key management can be a huge challenge. With conventional keys, it often takes a lot of time to have keys made and to monitor who has which key(s) in their possession. In addition, lost or stolen keys can create a lot of inconvenience and costs. When you opt for automated access control by means of digital identifiers, such as cards, fobs or tags, you no longer need conventional keys. This offers added convenience for employees.

#4. Reduced risk of fraude

With cards, fobs or tags, you can also benefit from a lot more management options. For instance, you can configure frameworks with different access privileges. There is also automatic logging of when which access doors are opened, and by whom. This way, the risk of fraude is significantly reduced.

#5. Flexibility

The wide-ranging management options for access control systems offer unparalleled flexibility. Depending on the system used, regulating access privileges is usually done with a few clicks. Creating a new key fob for a temporary tenant? No problem. Grant an employee access to a specific room? Only takes a minute.


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