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The advantages of mobile gateways

The advantages of mobile gateways

Provide access via one central system to visitors of your company, event or other location. This can be done with mobile gateways. Easy to install and with a direct link to time and attendance registration. The perfect solution for those who want temporary control at the door.

Access gates

Access gates come in many shapes and sizes. And now you don't immediately have to think of complete fences, which one often sees in front of the driveway of houses, but really of gates: half height turnstiles,, tourniquets and barriers. Half height turnstiles? Yes, really! That's the name for the robust, low turnstiles that most people know from the station or from recreational areas. And so there are a lot of species of which there is also a mobile variant. We have listed them - along with all the advantages - for you

Advantages of mobile gateways

☑ Easy to transport

☑ Easy to install and uninstall

☑ Attendance registration at your location

☑ Access control without additional manpower

☑ Access based on personal data

half height turnstile

Bill ticks, also known as low twist crosses, are three-armed gates. They provide access with a card reader, biometric scanner or via an external control panel. They owe their name to the fact that the rotating crosses are exactly at buttock height and sometimes give a small tap when passing by.

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Full height turnstiles

Tourniquet is the name for high turnstiles. Such gates are in most cases placed outside. The gates are extra safe because of their length. Climbing over or under them is not an option. On event sites, turnstiles are often placed next to each other in large numbers. Nightlife venues often place one or more turnstiles at the entrance. We supply turnstiles in a container, on a base plate and double turnstiles with a walkway in a container.

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Barriers can also be an excellent solution to coordinate access. Geran Access Products supplies both manually operated barriers and automatic versions. They are suitable for car parks, residential areas, industrial and shopping areas. Automatic barriers are equipped with a loop detector. The speed can be adjusted and the barrier can be mounted on the left or right.

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