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The possibilities and ease of full height turnstiles

Are you looking for a suitable access control solution for a building or terrain? The installation of turnstiles is certainly worth considering. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about turnstiles.

What are turnstiles?

Turnstiles are single person access gates. They are equipped with rotating components to ensure that (after an optional check) only one person at a time can access the building or area.

What are the benefits of turnstiles?

Turnstiles can offer a lot of benefits. We have listed the most important benefits below.

  • Turnstiles can be used both indoor and outdoor;
  • It is an excellent solution to provide access at one person at a time;
  • They can be used at entrances and exits;
  • Turnstiles can be combined with ticket control or identification;
  • Turnstiles can help with crowd control at crowded events like matches, concerts or festivals.

What types of turnstiles are available?

Roughly speaking, we can distinguish three types of turnstiles: turnstiles, high turnstiles and turnstile doors.

  • Half height turnstiles are also sold as low turnstiles, low tripod barriers or tripod tourniquets. These systems can be connected to access control systems in the form of e.g. a card reader or scanner. The half height turnstile is activated upon identification, after which the individual is let through.
  • Full height turnstiles, also called swing gates or high turnstiles, are primarily used for outdoor security. They offer more safety compared to low turnstiles, because people can’t climb or jump over them. Additionally, they can help to channel various visitor flows.
  • Turnstile doors are mainly used for entrance areas where the indoor and outdoor climate need to stay separated. Therefore, they are often seen in buildings with climate control. Turnstile doors are available in both manual and automatic models.

What do I need to take into account when choosing turnstiles?

Tourniquets can offer a lot of convenience and possibilities in a wide range of situations. When purchasing a turnstile, however, it is important to choose a solution that matches the purpose (access control, safety, crowd control, etc.) the environment and intensity of use. In doing so, account must be taken of the laws and regulations applicable to the building, site or event.





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