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This is the best way to secure your business premises!

Think of all the data, equipment, products and people within the walls of your premises. Do you do everything you can to protect them? Read on for tips on how to optimally secure your business premises!

1. Install an access control system

A modern access control system is designed to register and evaluate and whether or not to grant a person access on that basis. Possible identification methods, depending on the level of security required, can vary from simple RFID tags, badges and access codes to complex biometric systems. Access rights can be configured per person, as well as per floor, department and room.

2. Use security cameras

Security cameras serve two primary purposes. First, the surveillance images can be used for real-time monitoring of the business premises, and investigative purposes after a crime or incident. Secondly, the cameras themselves have a deterrent effect; people who are aware that they may be watched will think twice before doing something that shouldn't be done.

3. Erase the hard drives from old devices

Virtually all companies nowadays use digital systems to a greater or lesser extent. These create opportunities, but also involve certain risks. When you throw away an old computer, make sure that the hard disk is completely erased. Discarded devices are a goldmine for criminals, who can use data for identity theft and data theft. Don't forget printers and copiers - many people are not aware that these devices store documents on their own hard drives until they are overwritten.

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