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This way you ensure good safety on the construction site!

It goes without saying that safety on the construction site is of fundamental importance. It is even literally of vital importance. Numerous safety regulations and measures have been taken to prevent accidents: from wearing protective clothing to occupational health and safety regulations to fall prevention and hearing protection.

But keeping out uninvited guests is also a form of securing your construction site. Not only is burglary, theft and/or vandalism very annoying and costly, it can also lead to delays in the construction process. It has negative consequences for all parties involved. Fortunately, there are several ways to secure your construction site properly, as we will discuss below.

Keeping out burglars

Unfortunately there are still regular break-ins on the construction site. These burglars can be random passers-by, who see that there is something to get. Of course, they can also be organised criminals, who pass by several building sites to try and make their move. Often these burglars are not necessarily after cash, but often after expensive tools or goods. By means of the right access control system you can help prevent this. access control system kunt u helpen dit te voorkomen.

Prevention of burglary

Prevention plays an important role in security. Take as an example barbed wire, placed at the top of a fence. Not only does this drastically hamper the possibilities to climb over the fence, most burglars won't even want to do so. So the barbed wire also has an important deterrent function.

The same goes for security cameras and the installation of good lighting, among other things. Criminals will think twice before entering an illuminated, camera-monitored construction site. And that is exactly why prevention is so important. Measures that are relatively easy to implement can prevent major costs and delays.

Personal registration

A weak point in the safety of many construction sites is providing access to the right people. It is often difficult to get an overview, especially with larger construction projects. Who does or does not have access to the construction site? Especially in the final phase of construction, several parties are often present on the site at the same time. This can cause confusion.

You can easily solve this by applying person registration. By means of software and access passes you can always keep track of who is allowed to enter the site and who is present at that time. You can link this system to access gates such as turnstiles or automated barriers. Mobile solutions offer a solution for temporary access control. turnstiles, of geautomatiseerde slagbomen. Voor tijdelijke toegangscontrole bieden mobiele oplossingen een uitkomst.


To prevent burglary, theft and vandalism, securing your construction site is essential. This can be done in many different ways. Because of this, there is always a system that fits your situation. By responding to this you avoid a lot of unnecessary costs and delays during your construction projects.

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