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Access control: 3 factors

There are moments, situations and places where it is logical to have controlled access to the area or building. Sometimes this is necessary to ensure the safety of employees and visitors. In other cases, it’s because it’s an event where one needs to check if someone paid to enter the building or area. A big festival, for example.


Bij toegangscontrole moet rekening worden gehouden met een drietal factoren:

  1. What is being secured?
  2. How strict is security?
  3. Who is authorized?


The first question is about the area, but also about the people that work in a building or visit an area. The second question is the level of security. In other words: How strict should the security be? In a zoo, for example, the security level would be lower than in a government building. Question number three is who is allowed to enter the building or area. You could provide access to employees or visitors with a card reader, for instance.


“With the right access control, by collecting the right data, you can optimize business processes and save costs!”

– Mark Dannenberg, Geran Access Products BV


The question of who has access to an area or building is the most difficult. In order to answer this question, you also have to determine why a person is authorized. And does this person have access to the entire building? Or should there be additional security for specific spaces? In other words: What authentication is granted to which people? After that comes the ‘how’. E.g. with a card reader, a key, a password, a chip.


Geran Access Products BV is happy to think along with you about which access solutions are suitable for you. From the very beginning, we work together with the software specialist.

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