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What is a full height turnstile and where do we use it?

A turnstile is a word with many meanings. In France it means the turnstile or fence and this is also the case with us. Although it is actually an indication for all kinds of gates to manage and control access to a site or building.


From low to high

What types and sizes of tourniquets exist? The choice is very large. This makes a turnstile a suitable solution for access control in many situations. For example, low, semi-high and man-high turnstiles, with two, three or four arms, single or double. They can be supplied in any desired colour!


Efficient and reliable

Tourniquets are mainly used for access control at terrains, such as big festivals and concerts. Full height (man-sized) tourniquets are particularly suitable for these applications. But tourniquets are also an efficient and reliable solution to manage visitor access for (parts of) buildings, parks, zoos, theme parks, sports centres and swimming pools.


Top 5 tourniquet applications

  1. A tourniquet combined with a pedestrian walkway
  2. A galvanised tourniquet in a container
  3. A moveable tourniquet
  4. A tourniquet combined with a coin insertion system or card reader
  5. Double tourniquets


Would you like to know which turnstile is best suited to your situation? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to talk to you!

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