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Which barrier is most suitable for car parks?

As a hospitable entrepreneur, you reserve parking spaces for visitors, suppliers and employees so that they can park within walking distance of your building. To make sure that they are the only ones who make use of your offer and that your car park does not become a public car park, you can have a barrier installed. This allows you to dose and control the use of your car park. But which barrier is most suitable?

A barrier for access control

A barrier is the solution for those who want to close a location temporarily or for a longer period of time to unauthorized persons. It focuses on motorized traffic: cars, motorcycles, (delivery) buses. You have two options: a manually operated barrier or an automated model. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. We've put them together for you.

Manual barriers

  • do not need to be connected to an electrical system
  • Flexible in use, handy for temporary use
  • cheap in the short term, a more expensive alternative in the case of long-term use

Automated barriers

  • must be connected to electricity
  • equipped with detection sensors
  • independently operating access control system access control system
  • a more economical long-term choice

Which barrier is most suitable for my parking?

When choosing a barrier, Geran Access offers two options, but which barrier is most suitable for your parking space? To start with, it is good to know whether your access control is temporary or long-term. In the latter case, an automated model is a more advantageous choice. What you also need to consider is that when installing a manual barrier you need manpower to operate the tree, an automated barrier itself detects when guests are standing at your gate and then gives them access. In this way, you can best weigh up all the pros and cons and see what the best solution is in your specific situation.

Installation barrier

A barrier needs a solid foundation. In most cases it is placed on a concrete block. The casing, on which the arm hangs, is also made heavier. This arm can be mounted on the right or left side and is between 2.6 and 6 meters long and is equipped with the desired logic and a loop detector. Geran Access takes care of the entire installation. Our installers arrange everything for you on site and ensure that your access control system is fully operational when you leave. No accompanying software yet? Also this will be taken care of for you.

More information

Of course we are also happy to advise you on the possibilities of our barriers and the other access control systems. For more information, please contact one of our employees.

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