Tripod turnstiles

Obtain controlled access with tripods turnstiles. A suitable solution for every situation.
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Reliable access control with waist height tripod turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles gates are specifically designed for low security access control and regulation of indoor visitor flows. Some of them are also suitable for outdoor use. The rotating mechanism of this vertical tripod turnstile is positioned at the hip level. That’s why they are also called waist height tripod turnstiles.  The system unlocks by a pulse and rotates after every single passage until the arm is back at his standard, horizontal position.

The tripod turnstile aims to prevent unauthorized access. It’s allowing you to easily manage large volumes of passenger flows, for example employees or visitors. At Geran Access Products BV we offer a wide range of tripod turnstile gates, some suitable for indoors use, others also for outdoors. The systems are fail-safe, ensuring fee passage during power loss or fire alarm situation. In addition, some types are drop-arm systems, which creates free passage in these panic events.

Easy integrate with your access control system

Our waist height tripod turnstiles seamlessly integrate with various existing access control systems like card readers, RFID badges or biometric software. Using a potential-free contact, these access control software can be easily connected to our vertical tripod turnstiles. Emphasizing quality, our tripod turnstiles have undergone testing and improvement over a period of more than 20 years.

Applications of tripod turnstile gates

Tripod turnstile gates are ideal access control systems for offices, shopping centers, industrial installations, public toilets, swimming pools, gyms and recreational areas.

With flowrates of 20 persons per minute, these tripod barriers are the perfect solution for high-traffic places. The tripod rotating mechanism creates a visual barrier that directs visitors in the right direction. They can be configured to allow access in single direction of bi-directionally. Through this, they support security and guard staff and eliminate the need for attendants at entrances.

Tripod turnstiles

Regulate visitor flows with Geran Access Products BV

While our tripod turnstiles offer excellent solutions for a wide range of situations, each scenario has unique needs. With our wide range and various options, we can provide the right access control for every situation:

  • Speed gates ad a visual and aesthetic lok to business premises or public locations
  • Turnstile doors offer higher security levels, because it’s difficult to climb over these steel revolving doors
  • Access gate provide easy access for individuals with disabilities or those with strolers

Stainless steel vertical tripod turnstiles in various types and sizes

Our products are robust and mostly made of stainless steel housing. They offer a variety of options. The Catrax Plus is suitable for narrow passages. The Catrax Master exist of a long U-shaped cabinet, providing a sleek appearance and clearly indicating the direction of passage.

In addition to the Catrax Plus and Master, also the Streamline has a drop-arm system that allows free passage in case of power loss. Both the Streamline and Trident are waterproof and can be used for outdoor applications.

Buy tripod turnstiles from stock

At Geran Access Products BV, we understand that each location has unique requirements for effective access control. That’s why we offer a wide range of tripod turnstile gates. With our extensive experience  we offer personalized solutions that seamlessly align with your needs and budget. We are happy to assist in choosing the right solution for your specific situation, and our ample stock allows us to deliver promptly!

Are you interested in buying a relatively simple low security solution to regulate visitor flows? Purchase the reliable waist height tripod turnstiles from Geran Access Products BV.