Speed gates

Speed gates or speedlanes are automatic, physical security devices which efficiently restrict or control access to your company or workspace. Purchase your speed gate at Geran Access Products BV, the supplier for access control solutions.

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Speed gates are advanced physical security systems used for access control or person entry. They consist of two or more stainless steel cabinets with glass or polycarbonate doors in between. Unlike turnstile doors, these speed gates have a more welcoming appearance to make people feel more at ease.

The design of the stainless steel cabinets is intended to guide visitor flows in the right direction. Additionally, every advanced speedlane is equipped with numerous beams that detect unauthorized access and, as a result, close their doors or give a warning signal. Above all, our speed gates provide a stylish, aesthetic appearance to your corporate building.

Speedlane with many benefits and extensive applications

Our speedlane models are the perfect solution for access control or access granting in various environments. Whether it’s (large) corporate buildings, government institutions, banks, educational facilities, or airports, our speedlane models combine attractive design with an effective barrier against unauthorized access. These types of speed gates are also commonly seen in public transportation.

The primary goal of these advanced speedlanes is to regulate and grant access in places where fast walkthrough is crucial. For maximum usability, they can be integrated with existing access control software, such as card reader systems, RFID badge readers, and biometric verification systems. This allows us to create fully customized solutions that align with specific needs and security requirements with our speed gates.

Guide visitors in the right direction

For each model, employee or visitor flows can be regulated in two directions. The design of the speed gates ensures that visitors are guided in the right direction. Depending on your preferences, the access control pulse can be programmed through software. Free passage can also be chosen. Additionally, the physical speedlanes come standard with LED coding to visually indicate the direction of movement and whether access is granted or denied.

All these options make our speed gates a welcome support for security personnel, facility staff, or front desk employees in regulating access and creating a secure feeling in the workplace.

The Digicon dFlow speed gates with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What’s unique about the Digicon dFlow speedlanes is that, unlike other physical access control systems, the doors are standardly open. This enhances the friendly and aesthetic appearance even further without compromising on precision in denying unauthorized users. The dFlow speed gates can be passed in two directions simultaneously. This means access can be granted to an authorized user while a second user exits at the same time, all at a speed of 30 to 40 people per minute. Different user groups can be indicated with color coding. For instance, a university can assign a different color to students than to teachers.

Speed gates

To prevent tailgating and piggybacking

The advanced dFlow speedlanes include an overhead detection system with a ToF camera and integrated AI technology. Together, these elements make it possible to detect people and simultaneously exclude objects like backpacks, suitcases, and carts. The intelligent control software of this speedlane is capable of recognizing users independently of each other, even in extreme situations, such as trying to ride on someone else’s back. This makes the dFlow speed gates highly suitable for preventing tailgating and piggybacking.

Various types of speed gates

At Geran Access Products BV  we offer a wide range, from relatively simple design to advanced gates. A brief overview of options is provided below:

  • With the dTower speed gate, you can choose between double doors or a single door
  • Narrow passages from 500 mm are possible, suitable for tight spaces of approximately 670 mm
  • With the 500 mm dGate and 900 mm dGate, you can raise the standard doors up to a maximum of 1800 mm
  • Wide passage of 900 mm and 1200 mm are possible, providing more comfort for items like strollers, cleaning carts or wheelchair users

Geran Access Products BVs' speed gates

Geran Access Products BV’s speed gates are suitable for any situation where reliable access is a priority. Our access control solutions are also well-suited for special needs, such as speedlanes suitable for wheelchairs or strollers. Additionally, our products can be combined into multi-lane solutions.

Do you want to experience the reliability and versatility of our speed gates for yourself? Contact us for more information and discover how Geran Access Products BV can fulfill your needs for physical access control. Together, we can create the perfect solution for your situation with our speed gates.