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Speed gates

Speed gates are automated physical security devices designed to create a robust barrier against unauthorized access. These medium-security level gates offer an ideal access control solution for both business and public buildings. Equipped with advanced sensors for tailgating detection, speed gates promptly alert security personnel upon detecting any unauthorized entry attempts.
At Geran Access Products BV, we boast an extensive inventory readily available for swift delivery. Elevate the security of your workplace while enhancing its professional appearance with advanced speed gates.

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Speed gates; security and efficiency

Speed gates, also known as speed gate turnstiles, represent physical security systems utilized for access control and regulating person entry. They are the perfect solution for access control in various environments, such as (large) corporate buildings, government institutions, banks, educational facilities, or airports. Beyond merely serving as an optical barrier, their sleek and contemporary design adds a touch of modernity to any business entrance. In essence, speed gates stand as indispensable features at building entrances.

The primary objective of these advanced speed gates is to efficiently manage access in locations where rapid walkthrough is crucial. Incorporating numerous sensors, they are adept at providing alarm signals in the event of tailgating attempts, for example. Moreover, these speed gate turnstiles boast seamless integration capabilities with existing access control software, including card reader systems, RFID badge readers and biometric verification systems. As a result, the speed gates serve as invaluable asset for security staff, facility staff or front desk employees, facilitating access regulation and creating a secure feeling within the workplace.

Advantage of speed gates

  • Optical barrier for authorized and unauthorized passengers
  • Keep out intruders
  • Create a safe feeling in the workplace
  • Direct visitors in opposite directions
  • Support security staff
  • Give a modern look to your business entrance
  • Low and medium security level options
  • Easily integrated with almost any access solution
  • Suitable for larger objects, such as wheelchairs or trolleys
  • Various multi-lane solutions

Advanced technology in addition to aesthetic

Speedgates have a more friendly appearance than the turnstile door. This allows you to make visitors feel welcome when entering your premises.

The design of these speed gate turnstiles, combined with the standard LED cording, easily guides visitors in the right walking direction. In addition, each optical turnstile is equipped with advanced sensors that detect unauthorized access and, as a result, close the doors or issue a warning signal.

The speed gate turnstile consists of two stainless steel cabinets with glass or polycarbonate doors between them that regulate visitor flow in two directions. Additionally, every advanced speedgate is equipped with numerous beams that detect unauthorized access and, as a result, close their doors or give a warning signal. Depending on your requirements, the access control pulse that opens the doors or allows free passage is programmed by software.

The Digicon dFlow speed gates: Empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unlike traditional speed gates, the Digicon dFlow maintains an open configuration as a standard, enhancing a welcoming and aesthetic appeal while ensuring precise denial of access to unauthorized individuals.

The dFlow optical gates facilitate simultaneous passage in two directions, enabling seamless entry for authorized users while allowing simultaneous exits at a rate of 30 to 40 individuals per minute. Additionally, these turnstile gates offer flexibility of color-coded indications to distinguish between different user groups, such as students and teachers in educational situations.

Speed gates

Order the perfect speed gates

Geran Access Products BV’s range of speed gates is tailored to meet the demands of any scenario where reliable access control is paramount. Are you eager to experience firsthand the reliability and versatility of our speed gate turnstiles? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. Our dedicated team is at your disposal to provide expert guidance in selecting the ideal product for your needs. Explore the possibilities with our optical speed gates and let us collaborate to devise the perfect solution for your unique requirements. Additionally, feel free to visit our showroom to view various speed gate models in person.