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access control systems

Geran Access Products BV delivers top quality products and has everything to realise full access control.
From factory to end user, from drawing board to transportation and from sales to assembly.

5 year warranty on the mechanics*

2 year warranty on the electronics*

Broad knowledge of products

Large stock

Quality is top priority

Broad technical knowledge of Software

Quick delivery and handling of your order

More then 25 years of experience

All Custom made

*only applies to the full height turnstiles

We think in terms of solutions, not products

Custom work is no exception to us. We like to think along with you and work together to create a solution for you or your customers.

Large stock and fast delivery

Thanks to our large supply we are able to deliver the required products immediately. With us, empty shelves are not an option.

From factory to end user

We look at all aspects of the entire process. We think along with you, from the drawing board up to the transportation. Focused on your situation and needs, from A to Z.

Access control

From A to Z

We do more than simply sell products. We are your partner in full access control solutions. In-house or in collaboration with specialists.

Our clients

“Since working with Geran Access Products, we are able to provide a better service to our customers. As rental company in the construction world, we often deal with ‘order today, deliver tomorrow’. Geran Access Products has a large stock, and they can do everything in-house. This way, we can offer the organizers of the construction site a solution.”

rental company

For rental

Are you looking for temporary access control solutions for your clients? Geran Access Products BV delivers the products and systems that fit the needs of your clients. We like to think along with you for the most efficient and most appropriate solution, for your and their situation. We have a large stock and deliver very quickly. This way, you can deliver what you promise.

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Custom made fencing

Geran Access Products BV is specialized in access control and fences. We deliver full height turnstiles in various sizes and models. Complete your fencing with our permanent access control solutions.

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Complete access control

Do you want to control the access process management more efficiently? Geran Acces Products BV has the experience and technical knowledge to help you with this. We consult with the specialist who supplies the software right from the start, which ensures that you get an end product that is 100% to suit your needs.

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About Geran Access Products B.V.

Geran Access Products BV is the specialist for permanent, temporary, and mobile products and solutions in the fencing world, rental market and access control. From half height turnstiles, access lanes, and barriers to full mobile solutions. As wholesaler, we import and deliver these products. But we can also customize them, or even mobilize them for you or your clients. Assembly on a pedestal or in a container, for example.


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Working at Geran Access Products BV means working at a dynamic company. You work in a team, but independently. Do you like hard work, do you strive for the best results and do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Then you’re very welcome to apply for a job with us!

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