dTower speed gate – stainless steel – 500 mm passage – double doors low

The dTower speed gate is an advanced and aesthetic security gate that provides quick and efficient access control for various locations. With its streamlined design, this physical barrier ensures controlled passage of employees or visitors in an instant.

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The dTower speed gate, also known as a speedlane or security gate, is a compact access control system for diverse indoor locations. This leading dTower not only guarantees fast and efficient building access but also serves as a visible barrier guiding employees and visitors in the right direction. Its sleek design is commonly found in office buildings, government offices, banks, and hospitals.

The dTower speed gate is typically designed with two stainless steel columns and transparent doors in between. With adjustable passage widths and the option for a multi-lane setup, it is versatile and can cater to a wide range of requirements. Additionally, it’s highly suitable for accommodating special needs like wheelchairs and strollers.

Integration with overarching access control systems is straightforward, enabling the use of technologies such as card readers, RFID badges, or biometrics. This not only directs pedestrians efficiently but also provides insights into visitor traffic.

Apart from the standard color, this speed gate can be delivered in black. Prefer a specific color? As an additional option, we can wrap the cabinets in any desired RAL color.

Geran Access Products BV offers high-quality access control solutions, including the dTower from the renowned brand Digicon. Their commitment to quality and reliability at the Brazilian factory makes this speed gate a respected choice for diverse requirements and environments.

Ready to integrate the dTower into your environment? Contact us today for personalized advice and discover how these advanced speed gates can contribute to access control at your location.

Dimensions 678 × 992 mm


Depth (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (kg)


Type of material



Biometrics, Pass-in-taker, Various passage widths, Wrapping in any RAL colour

Weather resistance

Only inside use

In stock


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