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Man trap security door – steel – 800 mm passage – automatic

Man trap security door – steel – 800 mm passage – automatic

This man trap high-performance manually operated security door is designed to combine security and aesthetics while providing a quality security solution. The magnetically locked doors open and close automatically.

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Are you looking for a durable and effective security solution that also has an aesthetic appeal? Then choose the man trap access lane. It protects your premises or areas containing valuable goods from unwanted access by creating a barrier that only authorized persons can pass through. This acces lane is widely used at entrances to banks, stores, colleges, office buildings and commercial buildings.

The doors of this access lanes are closed by 200 kg magnetic locks which will automatically open alternately for an authorized visitor. A double access check must be performed to gain access. After the first check, access is granted to the gate. A second security check must then be performed in the gate to gain access to the space behind.  Access can only be granted to one person at a time. This prevents tailgating and piggybacking and provides this access control with a high level of security.

The hardware is designed so that you can implement your own access control system. Integration with any access control system is possible. The integrated LED indicator with red and green illumination visually displays the status of the closure. The Man trap is available in single and double versions, in addition to different sizes. The table of product features shows the standard dimensions, check the brochure for all the possibilities. CE certification for this product is under development. This access lane is also available in a model with manual operation.

If you’re looking for a reliable solution that meets all your requirements, choose the Man trap access lane from Geran Access Products. With this, you choose safety, style and functionality and create a safe environment.



Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (kg)


Type of material


Various passage widths, Stainless steel

Weather resistance

Only inside use

In stock


Man trap automatic – Brochure (GB) (1 MB)
Man trap – Dimensions (GB) (120 KB)
Man trap – Technical manual (GB) (2 MB)

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