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Barrier Velocity Betaguard Belgium

Project: Barrier Velocity Betaguard Belgium

Project Details

Delivery date:
June 2023
Velocity barrier including upper and lower skirt
Demonstration setup barrier Velocity
Betaguard Belgium

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Project description

New in our range is the Velocity barrier. It can be installed either permanently or on a concrete base. A mobile solution with a concrete base is used for ‘temporary’ sealing of, for example, construction sites, events or recreational areas. At our customer Betaguard in Belgium, we installed a test setup of the Velocity mobile barrier, including upper and lower skirts. The upper and lower skirts provide additional (aesthetic) security. This setup will be deployed as a demonstration model, so end-users can be invited to a demonstration of this solution.

“Our new barrier ‘Velocity’ is easy to move and install and can therefore be used widely. Very nice to be able to demonstrate our product to end-users in cooperation with the customer in this way. There is also a smaller model in our own showroom, feel free to come and see it!”