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dFlow access lanes car factory Germany

Project: dFlow access lanes car factory Germany

Project Details

Delivery date:
August 2023
dFlow access lanes
Staff entrance factory
Car factory Germany

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Project description

Large factories deal with significant numbers of employees. Managing these work-flows while preventing unauthorized access to the premises can present significant challenges. Our dFlow access lanes offer the perfect solution. In this factory, we chose to install multiple dFlow access lanes. By combining multiple cabinets, a high flow rate is accomplished. This is not only efficient, but also gives an aesthetic appearance this company.

Together with a technical expert from Digicon, I traveled to Germany to assist the mechanics in assembling and installing the dFlow access lanes. After the successful installation and testing of the dFlows, we were able to provide training for the technical team of the car factory. A very pleasant and varied project to work on.

Ruben de Roy van Zuydewijn | technical specialist @ Geran Access Products B.V.