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Installation turnstiles in container

Project: Installation turnstiles in container

Project Details

Delivery date:
December 2023
Turnstiles in container
Mounting containers for temporary access control
IQ Pass International BV

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Project description

Together with IQ Pass International BV, our technical product specialist installed tourniquets in containers. IQ Pass procured these units, which were then delivered to us at the company site for installation. This involves a batch of 15 containers in total, in which two turnstiles per container have been installed together with one walkway gate. Containers that are ready will be transported to IQ-Pass. From there, these mobile containers can soon be deployed throughout the Netherlands and abroad as temporary access control at construction sites, industrial environments or events.

View an example of this product; 20ft container with double turnstile and walkway gate

Organisationally, this is an extensive project in which many factors have to be coordinated. It is great to see that fully assembled containers can be transported to the customer. It is a large project spread over several months, in which we can ultimately deliver beautiful products. That is what counts!

Ruben de Roy van Zuydewijn | Technical product specialist @ Geran Access Products BV

Ruben de Roy