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Stainless steel turnstile Belgium

Project: Stainless steel turnstile Belgium

Project Details

Delivery date:
April 2019
2 full height turnstiles stainless steel
Access regulation for the factory
Producer of potato products in Belgium

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Project description

For our customer, one of the most important players in the world in the field of frozen potato products, we have supplied 2 stainless steel turnstiles. These turnstiles are mounted by the customer himself. There are different work-shifts at this company. By mounting these turnstiles, the teams can change shifts quickly and easily. The access control is mounted on our card reader supports by the customer. Next to the turnstiles, after installation, a fence and a wall were placed by an external supplier. Thus the passage was completely closed.

These stainless steel turnstiles are installed in a factory in Belgium. Controlled access can by realized with the help of these turnstiles. Thus it is regulated which person can enter where. An external vendor installed the fencing, completely sealing off access. This way we were able to deliver a nice project together!

Mark Dannenberg | Managing director @ Geran Access Products BV |