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Streamlines tripod turnstiles festival season

Project: Streamlines tripod turnstiles festival season

Project Details

Delivery date:
April 2024
Streamline tripod turnstile
Festival access control
IQ Pass International BV

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Project description

Recently, we fully committed to an ambitious project: mobilising 15 Streamlines from our esteemed supplier Turnstar. This project focused on adapting these tripod turnstiles for the upcoming festival season, where we were committed to ensuring a smooth flow of visitors. With careful attention to detail, we ensured that these tripod turnstiles are not only efficient, but also remain flexible for future events.


“We recently collaborated on an ambitious project to make 15 Streamlines from our supplier Turnstar completely mobile for the upcoming festival season. These tripod turnstiles are important for the smooth flow of visitors and can be moved seamlessly for future events. It was a complex project that required careful coordination, but the result is impressive! We are proud to have been able to contribute to the successful implementation of this project.”

Ruben de Roy van Zuydewijn | Technical Product Specialist @ Geran Access Products B.V.

Ruben de Roy