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Temporary turnstile Germany

Project: Temporary turnstile Germany

Project Details

Delivery date:
November 2022
movable turnstile with climb-over protection
Construction site security Hanover
SDDA Baustellensicherheit

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Project description

Our customer SDDA Baustellensicherheit provides security for a number of construction sites in Hanover, Germany. We supplied him with some mobile turnstiles with climb-over protection for this purpose. The turnstiles are fitted with a steel base with checker plate. To prevent uninvited guests from entering, a rotating point comb has been placed on the turnstile. The existing side posts make it easy to make a connection with a mobile fence.
SDDA Baustellensicherheit has its own access control system and simply mounted the card readers for this system on the card reader supports present on the turnstile.

These turnstiles are equipped with a steel base with checker plate. Rotating points have been placed on the turnstile to prevent uninvited guests from entering. A mobile fence can easily be mounted on the side. There is also space to place your own access control system on the supplied card reader supports.

Marieke Blokhuis | Sales manager Germany @ Geran Access Products BV |