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Access control: 3 factors

Access control: 3 factors

One can think of times, situations and places where it makes sense to control access to the premises or building. Sometimes it concerns the safety of employees and visitors In other cases because it is, for example, an event where it is necessary to check whether someone has paid to enter the building or grounds. A good example is a large festival.

With access control, three factors must be considered:

  1. What is being secured?
  2. How sharp is the surveillance?
  3. Who is authorized?

The first question is about the space, but also about the people working in a building or visiting a site, for example. The level of security is the second question. So how heavy should the security be? At a zoo, for example, the level will be lower than at a government agency. Who is allowed to enter the building or grounds is question number three. For example, you can use a card reader to grant access to employees or visitors.

“With the right access control, by collecting the right data, you can optimize business processes and therefore save costs!
– Mark Dannenberg, Geran Access Products BV

The question of who has access to a site or building is the most difficult one. To answer this question, you must also determine why the person needs access. And does the person have access to the entire building or do certain areas need additional security? In other words, what authentication do you give to which persons. Next comes the “how. With a card reader, a key, a password, a chip.

Geran Access Products BV likes to think along with you which access solutions are suitable for you. From the beginning we work together with the software specialist. Ask about our possibilities!

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