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Access control events


Many people visit an event once in a while. This can be a football match, but also a fair or festival. Events can be large, small, one-off or recurring. At paid events, in contrast to free events, you will often find an entrance control. This access is there to make sure that no unauthorized persons enter the terrain. The control usually takes place on the basis of barcodes that can be found on the entrance tickets. There may be security guards who scan this code or gates where you can scan the code yourself. Either way there will be security guards present, because some people need to be searched.

Access control systems

As many events require an entrance ticket, there are many places where access controls take place. There are several companies that provide these events with such access products. One of these companies is Geran Access Products. This company is specialized in the design of custom made access control systems. Some examples of these systems are Access Lanes (entrance gates), bill tickers and barriers. At events, Access Lanes are the most common form of access. It would be strange to enter an event via a barrier. However, these are often placed at the parking lots of events. At these barriers you will be provided with a ticket, usually registered by license plate, so that the system knows how long you are parked and what costs are involved.

Barcode barriers

When purchasing an entrance ticket for an event, it is important that you keep the information listed on it to yourself. You would think that this goes without saying, but there are people who take pictures of their ticket and then share them on their social media channels. They would like to let others know that they are going to visit an event. However, this ensures that other users can easily take over the barcode, which prevents the person in question from accessing the event. So if you want to share that you are going to visit a festival, always display your barcode. Otherwise, you will be standing at the access control of the event with a mouth full of teeth.