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Site security

Site security

Construction contractors are responsible for site security. Theft and vandalism cost them millions each year. Many contractors therefore set aside a substantial sum in advance to cover the costs of crime. Access control offers the opportunity to work safely and cost-efficiently on the construction site.

A safe workplace

Safety is paramount, especially in construction where special safety requirements apply. Not only physically, in the form of protective clothing and shoes, but also with regard to goods. Subcontractors must be able to store their materials without risk of theft and vandalism. It must be possible to guarantee the safety of employees. And the project must not be delayed by the actions of third parties.

Access control for site security

Access control for site security reduces the risk of unwanted visits to a minimum. On construction sites, automatic barriers and turnstiles are mainly used. Turnstiles are used to control motorised traffic. A safe passage for vans, excavators and other construction traffic. Turnstiles are placed at the entrance. Where a personnel pass is required to check in for access.

Visitor registration and a digital archive

Site security not only ensures a safe working environment, it also acts as a means of registration. Visitor registration is stored digitally. In this way, the access control system provides access in a few clicks to who was on your site, when it was and what the time of departure was. This can be a handy archive in the event of calamities.

The advantages of construction site security

More information

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