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Access technology

Our access technology solutions

Geran Access Products B.V. is the expert in access technology. We can provide a suitable solution for any application. Custom solutions are no exception to us! For instance, we deliver various half height turnstiles. These low tripods ensure a smooth rotation and silent operation, providing access to (parts of) a building or area. They are very well suited for office buildings, swimming pools, libraries, gyms, schools, zoos and theme parks. Aside from these half height turnstiles, we also provide full height turnstiles, barriers, speedlanes and mobile solutions.

Custom access technology

We think in solutions instead of products. Custom access technology is definitely no exception to us!

Short delivery times

Thanks to our large stock, our products are available immediately. This means you don’t have to worry about long delivery times.

For rental

Do you need temporary access solutions? You can also rent our security systems! We like to think along with you to come to the best solution. For you, or for your customers. For you or your customers.