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Bycicle turnstile

Secured bicycle parking with the bicycle turnstile

Cycling is more than just a mode of transport these days; it is increasingly becoming a lifestyle. Roads are getting busier and car transport is becoming more expensive, as is public transport. In addition, people are increasingly aiming for a healthy lifestyle and therefore prefer to opt for cycling. For schoolchildren and students, cycling is the most common form of transport. For all these schoolchildren, students and employees, we have added a new innovative entrance gate to our range; the bicycle turnstile from our trusted manufacturer Turnstar. This bicycle turnstile provides unmanned, yet secured access to bicycle parking facilities at both indoor and outdoor locations.

What is a bicycle turnstile?

A revolving door for bycicles is a reliable solution that provides the necessary security when parking bicycles. Secured bicycle parking areas are closed to unauthorised persons by this gate. The stainless steel gate with 4 arms resembles our well-known full-height turnstile door and has been extended with an extra gate that allows passers-by to carry their bicycle by hand. You can apply your own access control software to the hardware, for example the same pass reader used in the rest of the building.

Why the bicycle turnstile at your company?

For schoolchildren and students, their bicycle is an important asset. It is the most inexpensive and practical way to travel from A to B. In addition, the more companies and institutions want to promote sustainable and healthy commuting. As a result, people are increasingly investing in their bikes. Because an expensive electric bike in an unguarded bicycle shed or public place is asking to be stolen, guarded bicycle shelters are increasingly appreciated. The bicycle turnstile offers the perfect solution for locking and securing these bicycle shelters.


Applications of the bicycle turnstile

This access control solution is very diverse and lends itself to a variety of situations.

  • Student sites
    we see more luxurious bikes appearing on campus. Especially for students, buying an (electric) bike is a big investment. Therefore, make sure you create a guarded bike park at your educational institution which makesit easy for students to park their bikes safely. With the bicycle turnstile, you grant easy access to cyclists. 
  • Companies
    Increasingly companies want to encourage their employees to cycle to work. A national ‘bike to work day’ has even been declared for it. Even longer distances are increasingly being covered on a speed pedelec. To encourage this healthy travel style, a well-secured bicycle shed should certainly not be missing.
  • Stations
    Firstly, it is appreciated by many travellers to be able to safely park their bikes. In addition, it is possible to rent bikes at a large number of stations. Processes today are becoming increasingly automated. Not only does this turnstile revolving door for cyclists offer good security for locations with a large stock of equipment, the bycicle turnstile is also the perfect solution to make rental more automated


The Bicycle Turnstile is the solution that schoolchildren, students, businesses and recreational areas have been waiting for. It provides guarded access for cyclists and promotes sustainable commuting. Whether the weather is beautiful or rain, this access solution allows everyone to safely park their bikes.

Invest in the future of bicycle-friendly access with the bicycle turnstile. Check out the product via the button below and request a quote easily.