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Mobile access control

Mobile access control

Fixed access control systems are not desired in all situations. Consider, for example, construction sites, event sites and temporary parking lots. Here, a fixed access control system is often not only too expensive, but the installation also takes too much time due to its complexity. In addition, they do not offer sufficient flexibility. At the same time, it is important to grant access to people and vehicles in an efficient and controlled manner. Mobile access control systems are the answer. These systems are designed to be easily installed, dismantled and moved within a short period of time.

Mobile access control for people

There are countless options today when it comes to mobile access control. Which solution is most suitable for your application depends on the situation. For the controlled granting of persons access to premises, you can choose, for example, a mobile turnstile on footplate or a turnstile in a container. These systems can be equipped with an electromechanical lock to prevent unauthorized entry to the premises. In situations with large numbers of visitors, such as on festival grounds, it is also important to control access flows. Then a double turnstile with walking gate in container can be a good solution.

Mobile access control for vehicles

And what about vehicles? Here, too, there are various mobile access control solutions. For example, mobile barriers are very suitable for temporary parking lots, even when traffic flows are intense An infrared sensor prevents the barrier from lowering the moment a vehicle is parked underneath it. One disadvantage is that a barrier cannot prevent unwanted pedestrians from entering the site. This can be solved by placing security guards on the property or camera surveillance. An alternative is the placement of a mobile speedgate. This allows the access of both people and vehicles to be controlled, managed and recorded in a very efficient manner.

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