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Pre-assembled turnstiles

We are introducing something new: fully assembled turnstiles for ultimate ease of use

We have recently been working on a new concept: a ready-made turnstile that is delivered completely assembled. We ensure that the turnstile is completely mounted on a pallet, making it easy to transport and can then be permanently installed as a complete product at any location.

Whether you choose a galvanized, stainless steel or coated turnstile, it will be immediately operational at your location with only minimal effort!

A big step in ease of use and efficiency!

Everyone should be able to do what he or she is good at, right?
That’s why we’re happy to do the preliminary work for you! Although our turnstiles are already quite easy to assemble, we noticed that there was a need from the market for even more ease of use in the form of a complete product.

That’s why we’re excited to deliver a product that’s virtually ready to use. And because it is on a pallet, it is easy to transport to any desired location. This way, the installation requires minimal effort for the customer, so that they can quickly get back to what they are good at . Useful!


Voorgemonteerde tourniquet

Why choose a completely assembled turnstile?

  • Time saving: the turnstile is operational in no time
  • Simple installation: few technical actions required
  • Low downtime: minimize the impact on your daily operations without prolonged downtime


Voorgemonteerde tourniquet

Please note: not to be confused with the mobile turnstile

We have been offering a mobile turnstile in our range for some time now, suitable for temporary access control, often used as site security at construction sites or festivals. In this case it concerns a turnstile mounted on a steel floor plate, possibly extended with over-climb protection.

In the case of our new ready-made tourniquet, it is a tourniquet intended for permanent placement. On site, the turnstile is removed from the pallet and permanently mounted in its new location.



Also benefit from our service for convenience and speed by choosing our pre-assembled turnstile. Are you curious about how you can optimize your access control? Contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help!