Barrier BAYT

With Fadini’s hydraulic barriers, we provide the ideal solution for vehicle access.

The barriers require little maintenance and are easy to assemble. Of course it is possible to regulate the speed and to mount the barrier on the left or right.

This solution is very suitable for (temporary) parking lots, residential areas or industrial and shopping areas.

The Bayt hydraulic barrier is a barrier that is equipped with a hydraulic unit. This technique allows the barrier to be used very intensively. The speed of the Bayt depends on the passage. Most barriers are sold from the speed 4 seconds. If the barrier should be longer, up to. approx. 6 meters, then the speed of 8 seconds is often used.

The Bayt barrier series is being composed of a barrier box with built-in control, an aluminum barrier – with or without LED lighting – and a fixed fork foot or a folding foot, also depending on the situation. It is also possible to attach an aluminum fence under the tree, so that unwanted visitors cannot simply walk under the barrier.

Of course, various pulse generators and protections are available. The barrier is often operated by hand-held transmitters, a GSM module or a card/tag. It is also possible to operate barriers with a video intercom. You would be needing an additional registration column for this.

To prevent damage, a detection loop is usually placed under the barrier in the pavement. This detection loop is placed under the pavers or ground into the asphalt, if the situation permits. Photocells are also often used to prevent hikers from being hit by the barrier if they walk under it. The detection loop is mainly intended for vehicles from cars to bicycles, depending on the sensitivity setting.

The barriers are available from stock.

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