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Discover the dViator: the advanced gateway with artificial intelligence. Although this gate is still under development, we would like to give you a preview of this newest walk-through gate.

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The dViator is a groundbreaking gateway that uses a ceiling sensor with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). This innovative technology not only enables authorized persons to be recognized and granted access, but also to make a smart division. With this latest development, the dViator offers significant added value for airports and locations where thorough screening is essential.

The dViator bears similarities to the popular dFlow flow-through sluice, but goes one step further. With the addition of back doors this security gate can switch between different modes at lightning speed. Its purpose is not only to provide access, but also to direct users in the right direction. Imagine the first person being sent to customs for an extra check, while the next person can go straight through in another direction. This efficient and personalized process optimizes the safety and flow of people in busy locations.

Together with our partners who supply the software, we provide the complete end product. There’s just one contactperson. We are happy to provide you an offer that suits your situation completely.

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