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Galvanised - 4 arm - full height

This man-made turnstile from the ‘tribune’ series is a 4-arm turnstile that requires two-step verficitation and thus offers a higher level of security. This makes this full height turnstile very suitable for access control or access security.

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Discover our full height revolving door turnstile from the ‘tribune’ series, which perfectly suits high security needs. This high-quality turnstile is the perfect solution for access control in locations where timekeeping and security are top priorities. An ideal solution for factories, department stores and distribution centers.

This turnstile provides 100% validated access, eliminating false clock times and ensuring a secure two-stage entry and exit cycle.
Access control with this full-height turnstile, as mentioned above, is achieved through two-step authentication. In the first step, access is granted by means of an RFID badge or staff badge, for example. Then, when passing through the turnstile, a second verification is required with biometric data. This additional layer of security ensures a high level of security.

Thanks to the fact that only one person can pass per rotation, tailgating and piggybacking are effectively prevented. Our turnstiles offers a customized access control solution for any situation. In addition, the turnstilse can be expanded with a walktrough passage door.

The turnstile revolving door consists of four arms and can be coated in any RAL colour. Powder coating is possible in any RAL colour. Keep in mind that powder coating is an industrial process, which means that the surface of the product may have imperfections after coating. The galvanised turnstiles are thoroughly polished by us before powder coating so that the coating is as effective as possible. However, it is always possible that irregularities can still be seen in certain areas.

Choose our innovative turnstile revolving door and enjoy an excellent access control solution. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Product specifications


Depth (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (kg)


Type of material

Coated, Galvanised

Weather resistance

Inside and outside use

Turnstile double security – Brochure (GB) (2 MB)
Turnstile double security – Product manual (GB) (2 MB)
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