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Entree Trident turnstile

Project: Entree Trident turnstile

Project Details

Delivery date:
May 2019
Trident turnstile
Access to restricted area of café
Café in Haarlem

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Project description

The owner of a café in Haarlem needed a controlled entrance for a specific area of the premises. The idea was to have a system that would allow only authorized individuals to access this area. After discussing several options, we recommended that the coffee shop owner use a Trident bill ticker.

The Trident turnstile is an access control system that is very effective in regulating access In the coffee shop, the choice was made to grant access through the use of a push button. This button unlocks the Trident and allows the right person to pass through the gate. On the other hand, the opposite direction gave free passage to leave the space.

Within a day of the recommendation, the Trident bill ticker was mounted and the system was ready for use.

With these customer requirements, we found the Trident bill ticker to be the perfect solution for their café. “Our client wanted an access control system that was reliable and could be installed within a short time. The Trident bill ticker was the best choice because it is a user-friendly system that can be installed quickly and works effectively.”

Cynthia Vossebelt | Commercial employee @ Geran Access Products B.V.

Cynthia - Commercieel medewerker