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Mobile turnstiles for construction site security

Project: Mobile turnstiles for construction site security

Project Details

Delivery date:
May 2023
Mobile turnstiles
Construction site security
Security firm

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Project description

A large construction site suffered from a typical Dutch problem: nuisance from unwanted parked bicycles.
These bicycles hindered the work and caused delays.

The security company of this construction site turned to us for a quick solution. Within a day, we were able to deliver two mobile turnstiles. These turnstiles are mounted on a base plate, making them easy to move. In addition, the turnstiles can be equipped with a point crest for additional overclimb protection.

Thanks to this flexible and effective solution, the construction site can now operate safely and without hindrance from unwanted bicycles. At Geran Access Products, we understand the challenges of construction site security and offer fast and reliable solutions.

“In 2023, we provided two mobile turnstiles for a large construction site to keep out unwanted bikes and control access. Construction site security is essential for ensuring a safe and efficient working environment. It prevents theft, vandalism and ensures that only authorised people have access to the construction site.

At Geran Access Products, we offer flexible and effective solutions that contribute to a well-secured and controlled construction site.”

Marieke Blokhuis | International Account Manager @ Geran Access Products B.V.