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Mobile turnstiles for port access control

Project: Mobile turnstiles for port access control

Project Details

Delivery date:
January 2020
Mobile turnstiles
Toegangscontrole haven

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Project description

At a busy port, many different parties are active, including in-house employees, external subcontractors, temporary workers, and suppliers constantly driving in and out. This makes it important to keep an overview and control access properly. To comply with increasingly strict laws and regulations and ensure safety, access control is very important.

For this reason, a valued partner installed two mobile turnstiles at a large port. These turnstiles ensure that only authorised people can access the premises. The mobile turnstiles are easy to move and mounted on a base plate, offering flexibility in placement and adaptation to the operational needs of the harbour.

With this solution, the port can maintain control over who enters the premises and comply with laws and regulations, while increasing security and efficiency.

“For a large port, a partner of ours installed two mobile turnstiles to improve access control. This flexible and relocatable solution ensures that only authorised persons are granted access, significantly increasing security and efficiency. Our mobile turnstiles are perfect for busy and dynamic environments such as ports.”

Marieke Blokhuis | International Account Manager @ Geran Access Products B.V.