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Speed gates access control for office building

Project: Speed gates access control for office building

Project Details

Delivery date:
January 2024
dGate speed gates
Access Control Office Building
Partner from Denmark

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Project description

In early 2024, a Geran Access Products partner fully equipped an office building of a major energy and telecommunications group with advanced access control systems. dGate speed gates were installed at key entrances, providing controlled and secure access for both employees and visitors. This allows the company to control who can enter where and keep out unauthorised individuals.

The importance of Access Control at Office Buildings

In the modern business environment, advanced access security is not only essential for ensuring a safe and controlled working environment, but it is also the first point of contact for customers and employees. A building’s entrance should therefore not only provide security, but also have a welcoming and modern appearance that contributes to the company’s image.


“During my business trip to Denmark, I had the opportunity to visit our partner’s project at an energy and telecommunications group. This is where our advanced speed gates were installed . It was impressive to see how the speed gates were seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of the office building. These systems ensure a high level of safety and efficiency, which is essential for a company of this size. I am proud of the quality and reliability of our products and the excellent execution by our partner.”

Mark Dannenberg | Director @ Geran Access Products B.V.