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Salestraining Denmark

Salestraining Kibo Sikiring Denmark 2023

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About the Training

Read about Ruben's experience

A little while ago, two of our colleagues paid an inspiring work visit to KIBO Sikring A/S in Denmark.

It were two days full of knowledge and valuable insights. The main purpose of this international meeting was to exchange valuable information about our Digicon S/A products.

We enthusiastically shared all the ins and outs of our dFlow speed gates with interested parties from Norway and Sweden. We also gave sales training to Kibo sales personnel from all over Denmark, focusing on the dTower and dGate. It was great to see their enthusiasm!

This work visit definitely strengthened our business relationships. In addition, it was an interesting exchange of knowledge and experience. This is how we continue to strive to expand our industry throughout Europe.

Thank you to KIBO Sikring A/S for your hospitality and the delicious smørrebrød. We look forward to continued future cooperation!

Early in the morning we left for Schiphol Airport to catch the plane to Denmark. Once we landed in Copenhagen, we were received by Nikolai from Kibo to take us to the office. A short drive through a drizzly Denmark we arrived in Havdrup.

On Wednesday the 8th of November, we had a meeting with the representatives from Kibo from Denmark. As Kibo has recently become part of the Garda Group, a representative from Garda Sikring (Norway) and Heda Security (Sweden) was also present. And because the acquisition is still quite recent, the new group members also get a good sense of both Geran Access Products and Digicon.

The Thursday 9th of November we get to share a bit about our company to the sales reps from Kibo.
The great thing is that they come from all over Denmark and so you suddenly speak to the entire sales force that you normally only speak to by e-mail. We explained a bit about the positive and negative points of the various products and why, for example, you sell a dTower instead of a dGate. It was nice that the products were also in Kibo’s showroom and so could be tested and surveyed directly.

After two long, intensive but beautiful days, we landed back at the airport in Amsterdam on Thursday evening. It remains extraordinary what you can do in two days and how many people you can talk to from all over the world. A sales training course like this is therefore very valuable and you build a good relationship with the representatives themselves.
In short; a successful mission and this offers opportunities for the future!