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The right security for your construction site

The right security for your construction site

Theft on construction sites is unfortunately a common problem in the Netherlands. Every year, construction companies are robbed to the tune of more than 50 million euros, which not only causes financial damage, but can also cause construction delays and walkouts and even danger to workers. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the risk of theft, and we can help. In fact, we offer several security options.

#1. Secure the entrance

First, it is important to properly fence the construction site with the proper fencing and possibly barbed wire for added security. However, many construction sites have an open entrance for workmen, machinery and suppliers, giving intruders free rein outside working hours. To prevent this, we offer access control systems, such as mobile turnstiles with a point crest or turnstiles in containers. Also, Mobile barriers can be installed to regulate vehicle access.

#2 Person registration

Granting access to the right people is also essential. Personal registration can help here, especially in larger construction projects where the overview can quickly be lost. A fairly simple solution is to apply a suitable registration system. By applying the right software to the security gates, you can always keep track of who is allowed to enter the site and who is currently present. A wide range of registration options are available for security gates such as turnstiles, or automated barriers. Access badges are often used, but even fingerprint or facial recognition is possible. Barriers can be equipped with license plate recognition cameras to easily grant authorized vehicles access.

#3. Install cameras

Finally, installing security cameras and proper lighting is also an effective preventative measure. and proper lighting is also an effective preventative measure. Criminals will think twice before entering a lighted construction site with cameras. It is important to realize that relatively simple measures can prevent major costs and delays.

Protect your construction site from theft and increase employee safety with our security options. Together, we can make the construction site safer and more efficient!

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