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The ultimate rain test

Tripod 'Streamline' subjected to ultimate rain test

The ultimate rain test: for durability and reliability

As a specialist in access control, we at Geran Access Products value durability, reliability and innovation. Our tripod streamline has received a major upgrade. In fact, the latest model of this gate is equipped with a drop-arm system. More info on that later in this blog!
And where other tripods tend not to be, this “Streamline” gate is designed to be very suitable for outdoor use. To meet demanding weather conditions, this entrance gate is extensively tested. In this blog, we will elaborate on the rain test our bill ticker passed and discover why this gate is the ideal choice for those looking for durable and efficient access control solutions.

The 'Streamline' tripod: innovation and functionality

The Streamline bill ticker is a modern access gate which is very suitable for controlled access and flow in various buildings and public places. Ranging from town halls, libraries, stores, swimming pools and festival grounds. The self-centering rotation system ensures smooth flow and quiet operation, and with its distinctive U-shaped design, the Streamline tripod offers not only functionality, but also an aesthetic appeal that fits into any environment. In addition, this gate is designed for high throughputs of up to 24 people per minute!

New development of this well-known Streamline is the innovative drop-arm system. At our request, the factory “Turnstar systems” went to work to expand the self-centering rotation system with a drop-arm function. With this development, the streamline bill ticker now offers additional user convenience and security in addition to fast, almost silent access.
In emergency situations, when using an emergency button or when power is lost, the central arm will drop down to provide free passage. This function can be intelligently regulated as desired. Do you want controlled access at the start of an event, but open passage when leaving? That is also possible!

The ultimate rain test

We strive to provide our products, which are suitable for outdoor use, of good and reliable quality. It is important to us that our products withstand demanding weather conditions.
To ensure the durability and reliability of the Streamline tripod, this entrance gate was subjected to the rain test. While visiting our factory Turnstar systems in South Africa, we were allowed to attend such a rain test.
The video shows how an abundance of water was sprayed over the product to mimic a heavy downpour. The purpose of this rain test was to investigate whether the inside of the entrance gate, with all the important electronics, would stay dry. The result was amazing; despite the heavy flow of water, the Streamline tripod remained completely dry on the inside. By the way, did you know that the circuit boards on this model are always enclosed in an IP65 box? Thus, it is further protected against extreme conditions.

This is a nice testament to the robustness and waterproofness of the Streamline’s design. By the way, this test is carried out on all entrance gates suitable for outdoor use.
A quick note: the video is only demonstrative: to be economical with your time, this video features an abbreviated version of the rain test.

With this extensive rain test, Geran Access Products together with Turnstar Systems proves that this Streamline tripod can withstand intense weather conditions. The combination of the innovative drop-arm system, its waterproof construction and circuit board protection in an IP65 box makes the Streamline access gate an ideal choice for those looking for a durable and efficient access control solution.
We even offer a 5-year warranty on this product!

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