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Tourniquet supplier

Geran Access Products B.V. - your tourniquet supplier!

Geran Access Products B.V. is your tourniquet supplier. Whether it concerns the entrance of a public building such as a swimming pool or gym, a business premises or a festival site, we have everything you need to realise a complete and reliable access control for every application. You can come to us for, among other things, movable tourniquets, tourniquets in housing, tourniquets on stelcon plate, tourniquets for indoors and tourniquets for outdoors. Made-to-measure is no exception for us! We are happy to think along with you in order to come to an ideal solution together.

Half High Turnstile

A half-height turnstile is an ideal solution for swimming pools, sports complexes and animal parks, especially in combination with a ticket control system.

Full Height Turnstile

With a full height turnstile, you are assured of optimal access control. Highly suitable for the access control of sites or company departments.

Double Turnstile

Double turnstiles are common in large-scale venues with large numbers of visitors. Depending on the application, they can be assembled in different ways.